Sunday, 10 April 2016

NaPoWriMo Days 8 & 9

The prompt for Day 8 was: a poem about a flower

Sounds simple but it had me stumped! What could I say about a rose, or any other bloom, that another poet hasn’t already said so much better?

Staring out of the kitchen window, hoping for inspiration, I noticed a little patch of blue and came up with this:

Jogging my memory

I don’t remember
that plant                                             
growing between
paving slabs.
A weed, I guess.
made me wait,
to see what grew.
Of course!
How could I forget


Day 9 was even more difficult.
The prompt was: a poem that includes a line you are afraid to write.

I was brave enough to write a few lines, but not to publish them.
You’ll have to make do with this:

For ?

They say you should be careful
in case your wish comes true
in unexpected ways
that hadn’t occurred to you.

So I’ll keep this one a secret
in my heart and all I do,
hoping I won’t need to name it,
because my wish is your wish too.

(Oh, dear, it sounds like something out of a greetings card, doesn’t it? Not scary at all!)

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