Monday, 10 October 2016

Updates and upgrades

What an exasperating exciting time I’ve been having.

Here are just a few of the ups and downs I’ve had to deal with over the past 2 months.

😧 Computer crashed and was sent away for repair.
🙂 Was able to use iPad and borrowed laptop instead.
🤔 Had to learn how to use iPad and laptop.
😧 Camera developed a fault.
🙁 Advised that replacing camera was best option.
😃 New camera more powerful and with more features.
🤔 Had to learn how to use new camera.
🙁 Needed new camera software on computer.
😕 Computer still being repaired.
😃 Repaired computer returned with new hard drive.
 😕 Took 3 days to reinstall software and saved files.
 😬 Computer crashed, sent for repair again.
 🤔 Had a look at new computers.
 😃 Shiny new computer!
 🤔 Had to learn how to use shiny new computer.
 🙂 All set to resume regular blogging.
 😕 Not happy with Blogger changes.
 🙂 Decided to move blog to Weebly.
 🤔 Easier said than done!

I keep telling myself it's good to learn new things, but I could really do with an updated, upgraded brain.