Sunday, 3 April 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 2

(I did write this on April 2 - honest! - but didn’t have time to post it here.)

Prompt: a family portrait

The only photo I have of my great-grandmother shows a very stern-looking woman …

Old photograph

Sitting so stiff and straight,
the great-grandma I never met
stares at the camera
down the years
towards me.

And these are her children,
only names on the family tree
except this young girl
who became
dear, old Nan.

I recognise her face,
but not the prim and proper pose
or solemn gaze so
unlike the
one I knew.

‘Ah, the old days,’ she said,
and laughed at the memories she shared.
‘Yes, times were hard, and yet,
we did have
such larks!’

I see a new picture.
Photographer nods, mother smiles,
children blink and stretch.
They did it.
They kept still
for a whole minute!

It needs tidying up, but I'm quite pleased with it. 


Nicola said...

I am in awe. I felt it. Good job. I am so rubbish at poetry. So I'll stick to reading the work of those who can :) Enjoy the journey, Linda.

Divyam said...

A wonderful sense of character comes across in this poem. Lovely!

Linda D said...

So pleased you liked it!