Thursday, 30 May 2013

Word of the week (17)

The writer searched for a new word. She was fed up with saying, ‘It’s raining,’ every day.

                    when it starts
                    can be a mere dampness,
                    a patchy, light mist
                    with odd spits and spots
                    that grow into mizzle,
                    and a bit of a drizzle,
                    but then comes a sprinkle
                    of drips and some drops
                    that make up a splashing
                    or maybe a shower,
                    till all at once the heavens open.
                    Now it’s a cloud-burst, a downpour,
                    a drencher, a soaker,                                                        
                    tipping down torrents
                    and streams of cats
                    and dogs, not to mention the
                    teeming stair rods.
                    Being polite, I’ll say it’s persisting,
                    chucking it down in buckets
                    and sheets – it’s pelting!
                    The deluge has left me wet to the skin
                     - but at least I avoided the RAIN.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

How this writer’s mind works

A movement caught my eye. Something fairly large and light brown had fluttered over the field opposite my house and disappeared into the ditch on the far side.

A hare! I thought, followed (almost) immediately by, Don’t be daft, hares can’t fly!

Common sense told me the half-glimpsed creature had probably been a pheasant or duck, but the picture it planted in my mind insisted on growing bigger, brighter and more detailed. Of course there’s no such thing as a flying hare - I know that - but that’s not going to stop me writing a story about one!

Another senior moment, or a flash of creative genius? You decide.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Word of the week (16)

She was skilled at promoting the goods and services of others, so why was the copywriter
overcome with modesty when it came to selling herself?

(I'm setting up a website to showcase some of my writing but I can't decide on the right words for the front page. Any tips?)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

I am un-sprung!

Not a good start to the merry month of May.

I'd been planning my spring cleaning campaign for weeks, drawing up a mental list of all the jobs that needed doing in the house and garden, but I kept putting off the actual work because the weather was too cold and wet. Then, last Sunday, I heard the magic words: dry and sunny for the next three days!

I spent Monday and Tuesday enthusiastically washing, dusting, polishing, sorting out and re-arranging. I was so pleased at how well I was doing that I even decided to paint the garden fence. With hindsight, I realise this wasn't such a good idea ...

As the weather forecaster predicted, May Day was beautifully warm and sunny - but I was in no state to enjoy it. Every joint and muscle hurt, including all those I'd forgotten I had. Walking was agony, sitting was uncomfortable, and simple tasks like making a cup of tea had me groaning with pain.

I thought I'd try to do some writing to take my mind of all the aches and twinges. I usually begin a new month by ticking off the goals I achieved during the previous month (if any!) and making a new list for the coming month. Problem is, I can only think of one thing I really need to do - get fit!    

At least the garden's looking good and most of the house is clean and tidy. I still have to tackle the back bedroom but you can see on my other blog why I'm leaving that till last.

Hey, ho, the joys of spring!