Thursday, 21 April 2016

NaPoWriMo catch-up

There are so many other distractions in my life at the moment that I’ve fallen way behind with the Write a Poem a Day challenge, but here are two more attempts:

When I saw the prompt for Day 14 – write a san san poem – I didn’t even attempt to do it. It seemed too complicated, and I didn’t have time for complicated! It’s a Chinese form that uses 3 repetitions of 3 terms or images, arranged in 8 lines which rhyme a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d

But after a couple of days, the following 3 phrases popped into my head

a free day     nothing to do     be myself

     I need a free day with nothing to do but rest
     and be myself. To do as I please with a free day
     having nothing to do, no deadlines, no plan,
     only a hope to be myself and to do my best
     no matter if I spend that time on work or play.
     But how can I steal a free day with nothing to do
     when my conscience nags me to do all I can?
     I need to learn to be myself, be something new.


Day 15’s prompt was: a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles
Again, I needed more than one day to even come up with an idea for a poem, let alone write it!

The Power of Two

Two is an even number
that smoothes out the oddness of one,
and makes a stable centre
for three, four, five and the rest.

Like yin and yang, night and day,
twos hold opposites, reflections
reversed no matter which way
they may be twisted or turned.

Two is a magic symbol
to bring good luck, make dreams come true,
to summon a miracle,
and even bind me with you. 


Wendy's Writing said...

I'm so impressed with your poetry, Linda. I wouldn't know where to start with it!

Patsy said...

A san san poem does indeed sound complicated. Don't blame you for missing that one.

Jan Baynham said...

You've done so well with your NaNo poetry challenge, Linda. It's been good to follow your progress through the blog posts. :-)

Linda D said...

Thanks, Jan. I'm really struggling with it now, having missed a few days, but I've enjoyed learning about different sorts of poems that I haven't come across before.