Sunday, 3 February 2013

You win some, you lose some

Good news: My short story Tree Hugger  has won joint third prize in the A.Vogel Dormeasan Sleep Story Competition. You can read it here.

Frustrating news: A story I’m hoping to enter in the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook Story Competition is 400 words too long so I’m busy cutting and rewriting.

‘On the bright side’ news: The editing process inspired my latest Word of the Week (see below).

Bad news: Because I wrote the story in January, but had to delay submitting it, I failed the monthly Write1 Sub1 challenge.

Never mind, new month, new challenge – and it will be more of a challenge as it’s the shortest month!


Friko said...

Re the previous post: I always make soup with the leftovers.

Re this one: Congratulations and commiserations and Good Luck!

Linda D said...

Soup sounds good, Friko!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news on the A. Vogel competition - I've entered that for 2 years now and come nowhere. Well done!

beejay said...

Congratulations on winning a prize in the A Vogel competition. I saw your name in the magazine Your Healthy Living as a winner so am delighted for you. Good luck with the rest.

Linda D said...

Thanks, Sally and Beejay. I haven't found a copy of the magazine yet but my story has only been published on their website.