Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Word of the week (2)

Her hopes of publication dwindled with each rejection.

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Friko said...

right, it’s dwindle this time? So whereabouts in the story does this one appear? Or rather, which sentence?

I have just thought of something: how about finding the most outrageously erudite word and trying to build a sentence around it?

I already play my solitary alphabet game, but a word game might be fun too. I like word puzzles. Do you do cryptic crosswords?

Linda D said...

Hi Friko, yes I enjoy word games like Scrabble and cryptic crosswords. (Many moons ago I invented some word puzzles for a children's magazine.)
I used 'dwindle' in a short story I'm entering in a competition but you won't find it on my blog - unless it wins!