Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Word of the week (1)

She felt like a fish out of water as she floundered about searching for the right word.


Friko said...

are you starting a meme? Just for fun and just for you or free for all? Punning or straight?

It's the bracketed one which made me wonder.

Linda D said...

Thanks for asking, Friko, perhaps I should have explained …

I often can’t find exactly the right word to describe something. I write a sentence, change it, delete it, rewrite it, change it again … I know it isn’t as good as it could be, but I also know the word I really need is hovering around just beyond the reach of my memory, refusing to show itself. It is so frustrating! But sometimes, hours or days later, when I’m busy with some non-writing activity, the elusive word suddenly pops into my mind. I have to jot it down on the nearest scrap of paper – or, more usually, repeat it over and over to myself because there isn’t a pen or paper handy – so I don’t forget it again.

Last week’s ‘wow, yes, that’s the one’ word happened to be flounder. After I’d safely installed it in the short story where it belonged, I thought I’d also put it on my blog so I’d know where to find it if I ever need it again. And as I have lots of other lost-and-found words pinned on my notice board or scribbled on old magazine covers I thought I could use them as a weekly feature, hence the (number).
If you find my Word of the Week of any interest or use, you are very welcome to do whatever you like with it – but there’s no obligation!