Saturday, 13 October 2012


I had to struggle to concentrate on the rest of my shopping list after overhearing this snippet of conversation in the supermarket:

         Woman:  D’you fancy salad tonight?
         Man:         Don’t mind.
         Woman:   I could put it on a plate for you.

My imagination had a wonderful time throwing up all sorts of questions and convoluted storylines …

Does she usually make him eat straight off the table to save washing-up?

Is he a health freak who likes to nibble his lettuce while it’s still growing in the garden?

Perhaps he’s a messy eater so she normally serves his food in a big bowl, but her snooty sister is coming round tonight and she desperately wants to make a good impression.

Did something traumatic happen the last time he had salad on a plate? Is he afraid of repeating the experience?

Maybe he works at night and takes sandwiches to eat at 2am, but she longs to send him off with a ‘proper’ meal, carefully arranged on a china plate. If he agrees, what will his workmates think? How will he carry it to work? Suppose he cycles there?        

So many stories from so few words, but I mustn’t start another one until I’ve finished some of my current ‘works in progress’. If you’re looking for an idea for a story or poem, please help yourself to this prompt. I'd love to know what you can make from it!


Suzanne Furness said...

Mind boggling! Funny isn't it the things we can innocently overhear? Could be an interesting short story prompt.

Linda D said...

I don't deliberately listen to private conversations but these little glimpses into other people's lives are fascinating!