Sunday, 3 July 2016

A little ray of hope

Overheard in the supermarket,

                        Little boy:    Look, Mummy, look!
                        Mum:             Yes, they’re lovely, but I can’t buy one today.
                        Little boy:    But books are GOOD!

I wanted to hug them both when, after a moment’s hesitation, the young mum put a picture book in her trolley.

Amidst all the doom and gloom in the news, it’s good to be reminded that the world hasn’t ended and there is still hope that we can help to make a bright future for younger generations.

* * *

(And because I’m determined to remain cheerful and optimistic, I won’t go into details about the problems I’m having with Blogger removing pictures from my two blogs. If this one or When I am Rich looks strange to you – please believe it’s not my fault!)


Susan A Eames said...

That's such a nice thing to hear, isn't it? In a world that seems to have gone mad at the moment, at least we can escape in a good book!

Susan at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

Linda D said...

And readers and writers need each other :)

Anonymous said...

We took our grandaughter out last week and when we entered the book department of the garden centre she almost screamed with delight. Of course two picture books were smuggled into the trolley. She loves them, and that's a lovely story.

Linda D said...

Yes, Susan, you can't start them loving books too soon!