Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Funny how they turn out

Once upon a time, I had a stroppy teenage daughter who refused to learn how to cook.

‘But it’s important you know how to make a few, simple dishes,’ I said. 'How else will you feed yourself when you leave home?’

She just tutted and shrugged. ‘I’m going to be a famous TV presenter. I’ll be eating out in restaurants most of the time.’

And I tutted and shrugged back. ‘Well don’t expect me to send you food parcels!’

Just look at her now. Not only cooking, but blogging about it too!


Patsy said...

Sometimes we don't know what we'll like doing until we give it a try.

Linda D said...

Very true, Patsy. And if she had liked cooking in her teens the novelty might have worn off by now!