Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Word of the week (25)

The writer frowned at the advert for retro mobile phones. Wasn’t it only yesterday that a mobile was the latest thing? How could they be retro already? Perhaps the advertiser was trying to sell last year’s model; something fashionable young people wouldn’t be seen dead with unless it could be flaunted as being retro.

The writer’s frown deepened. If last year’s mobile was now retro, what did that make her? Vintage? Or just plain old? If she didn’t stop frowning she’d soon be a wrinkly.

Are you young enough to think retro is cool?


Jan Baynham said...

Vintage sounds much nicer than 'just plain old', Linda. Quick, stop frowning! ;-)

Linda D said...

Vintage will do nicely. Thanks, Jan!