Sunday, 26 April 2015

Word of the week (24)

The writer was singing along to the old songs on the car radio:

                    Wild thing
                    You make my heart sing
                    You make everything

‘That’s what the world needs today,’ she said. ‘More grooviness! (I wonder if I’ve still got my embroidered flares?)’

What outdated word or phrase would you like to bring back?


lizy-expat-writer said...

"I'm sorry" would be a good choice, and another would be, "Stop doing that - it's annoying people" -(mother or father to child!)

Linda D said...

I'm sorry, Lizy, but your comment made me laugh!
But, seriously, I do know what you mean. Trying to do a supermarket shop during the recent Easter holidays I encountered 2 little darlings being allowed to whiz down the crowded aisles on skateboards! It wouldn't have happened in my day - or my children's!

Jan Baynham said...

I still use 'fab', Linda, and I think that dates me! Hope we get more grooviness back in the world! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, groovy and fab are in my book. And the naughty kids is the norm these days. My mum and dad walked out of a tea room, because of the crowds of mum's engrossed in their chatter too busy to correct the little darlings. Also, Alan had cleaned all the glass freezer fronts in the supermarket where he works. A child went along behind him, pressing hands on the windows. He said, 'Excuse me, I've just cleaned those.' A few minutes later, his mother came and had a rant 'You've just upset my little boy.' Little boy was around nine or ten. So Alan told her, 'Well it might be an idea for you to tell him not to do that.' Ended up with her threatening to report him. Crazy days. That's a good one, I like, Crazy Days. And I hate how they'd put now, Crazy Dayz.