Monday, 2 March 2015

One for the readers

What would we do without readers?

     Writers would have to talk to themselves all the time (instead of just most of it).
     Publishers would go out of business.
     There’d be no need for bookshops or libraries.
     Even Amazon’s profits would tumble …

Which is why I was so pleased to see this competition for readers.
Alfie Dog Fiction is offering £100 for a very short – 30 to 50 words – review of one of its titles downloaded during March. Not bad for an investment of only 39p, the cost of its short story ebooks.

If you want to have a go, but can’t decide which story to choose from the 1,600 currently available, may I humbly suggest you take a look at my stories? I promise I won’t be offended if you write a less-than-glowing review of one of them, but I will be delighted if you win the prize!

Pass it on …


Patsy said...

Readers are very important!

Linda D said...

Thanks for reading this, Patsy!

Jan Baynham said...

As writers, it's good to think that readers enjoy what we've written and without feedback and reviews we wouldn't know. I think the Alfie Dog competition is going to promote the importance of the reader and I hope to spread the word about it on my blog too, Linda.