Thursday, 22 January 2015

How this writer’s mind works (6)

Looking back over my writing records for 2014, I realised that – apart from blog posts – I’d only written fiction during the whole year. Nothing wrong with that, and I don’t think I could stop writing fiction even if I wanted to, but as one of my 2015 ‘hopes’ is to earn more money from writing, producing the occasional non-fiction article seems a sensible thing to do. In the past, I wrote non-fiction on all sorts of subjects and usually found it easier to sell than my stories.

I started by checking the latest editions of the women’s and lifestyle magazines in the newsagents. I couldn’t afford to buy every one that caught my eye, but I bought a couple of my favourites to do some in-depth research at home and quickly leafed through the others.

In almost every magazine the main features were about dieting and/or fitness. (Am I the only woman in the country who hasn’t made a New Year resolution to lose weight or run a marathon?) The second most popular subject seemed to be about saving money. There were headlines such as:
  • Save £££s on Household Bills
  • Best Budget Beauty Buys
  • Feed The Family For Less
  • Low Cost Travel
  • Thrifty Home Décor Ideas 
Inspiration! I was certain I could write a similar article. After all, I’ve spent all my life finding ways of living within very moderate means. I’m an expert in saving pennies here, pinching pounds there. All I had to do was choose a subject that a magazine hadn’t already explored. The answer was right in front of me.
How To Cut Your Magazine Bill.

Once I started brainstorming, the ideas came thick and fast. I could include tips for starting a magazine-swapping club. I would advise readers to seek out magazines online and in libraries. I could list sources of free and discounted magazines …

And then I noticed the one, tiny flaw in my brilliant article. Which magazine will want to publish it? 


Patsy said...

Yes, that is a snag!

Maybe you could sell it online? (If you do, another tip is to visit the library as they often have magazines available to read and sometimes to borrow)

Nicola said...

Ooops! online subscriptions are usually value for money. Perhaps the article could find a home in a local newspaper ? At least the experience has given you inspiration to write non-fiction again. Wishing you all the best and hope to be reading your name amongst the non-fiction sections of magazines sson (the mags I borrow from my friends or read in the dentist surgery :))