Sunday, 3 November 2013

A (short) commercial break

My short story Kerb Drill is published by Alfie Dog Fiction today.

It’s a feel-good, family story about a problem every parent has to face sooner or later: how do you let go of your children, yet still keep them safe?

Available HERE for just 39p!

In a variety of e-book formats – if you haven’t got a Kindle, iPhone or similar gadget you can download Alfie Dog stories to read on your ordinary, old-fashioned computer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, well done Linda, that looks good. Hope the 1,000 words a day is going well. That's a good idea. Any form of writing has to be positive.

Linda D said...

Thanks, Susan. Yes, it was a good idea, easy to say but difficult to do!

Wendy Percival said...

My challenge is to get to the end of the current draft of my novel! Good luck with your challenge. Love your jottings blog, BTW. Nice and snappy!