Sunday, 1 September 2013

How this writer’s mind works (2)

I took a day off from writing to catch up on some jobs I’ve been neglecting in my other world. One of the items that’s been on my to-do list for a long time was to make some cushions. I saw this teddy bear fabric in the market and couldn’t resist it.

As I sewed, I started thinking about all the bears I’ve known over the years: my own long-lost childhood companions, my children’s teddies, those perennial favourites, Rupert, Pooh, Paddington ….

And as my mind filled with cuddly images I began making up a story. Something about teddy bears? No, that would be too easy. This one’s going to be a really complicated murder mystery …

Do you love bears? Have you written about them?



Henry Mitchell said...

Yes and Yes. There's a bear in "Davey's Summer."

Friko said...

No, I haven’t ever written about a teddy bear. I can’t remember owning one either.

I don’t get the teddy thing at all.

But I like your cushions; hope the teddy in your story doesn’t go round murdering people like me, who ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Those cushions are wonderful Linda. I would love to read the finished story.

Linda D said...

I haven't started writing it properly yet, Susan, I just scribbled down the main plot and some character notes so I won't forget. I think it would stretch to novel length but I must finish all my other 'works in progress' first!