Saturday, 29 June 2013

Word of the week (18)

The writer wavered between writing and watching Wimbledon.


(The strawberries and cream helped to make up her mind!)


Friko said...

I’d go for the strawberries and cream and writing.

No wavering for me.

Linda D said...

I've been trying to put my writing first but everything had to stop for Andy Murray today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I loved your beach story, I didn't think it would end like that? Mysterious. I imagined them skipping off into the sunset. Clever ending. I've got it in my story file. I'm sure I read it when it was published in a magazine?

Linda D said...

Pleased you liked Dreamers, Susan. You've got a good memory if you remember reading it when it was published in Woman's Realm - that was in 2000! I'm planning to get the beach stories anthology that Alfie Dog are publishing later this week. I'll be able to sit out in the garden and read it now that Wimbledon is over for another year.