Thursday, 30 May 2013

Word of the week (17)

The writer searched for a new word. She was fed up with saying, ‘It’s raining,’ every day.

                    when it starts
                    can be a mere dampness,
                    a patchy, light mist
                    with odd spits and spots
                    that grow into mizzle,
                    and a bit of a drizzle,
                    but then comes a sprinkle
                    of drips and some drops
                    that make up a splashing
                    or maybe a shower,
                    till all at once the heavens open.
                    Now it’s a cloud-burst, a downpour,
                    a drencher, a soaker,                                                        
                    tipping down torrents
                    and streams of cats
                    and dogs, not to mention the
                    teeming stair rods.
                    Being polite, I’ll say it’s persisting,
                    chucking it down in buckets
                    and sheets – it’s pelting!
                    The deluge has left me wet to the skin
                     - but at least I avoided the RAIN.


Suzanne Furness said...

We had quite a deluge the other day! Loved this poem, we certainly do seem to see quite a lot of the wet stuff round here.

Anonymous said...

What a great poem, Linda!