Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just a note …

Although I would class my computer as an essential writer’s tool, I still do a lot of writing the old-fashioned way with paper and pen. I use:
  •  A4 pads of lined paper for very rough first drafts, research notes, character sketches and working out story plans
  •  A5 hardback books for jotting down story/ article ideas, fragments of dreams, funny signs, unusual words, surprising facts or anything else I find and want to keep because it might be useful or inspirational one day
  • Small notebooks with flexible covers that fit into my camera bag when I’m travelling light
 When I need to buy another notepad or book I only look for one thing – the price. The cheaper the better! I don’t care what colour the cover is, or if it has a brand name. I just want something I can fill with scribbles without having to worry about spelling mistakes and crossing-outs and doodles in the margin. Nobody else is going to see it.

But look what my sister gave me 

I love these little books with their embroidered covers – they’re just under 4 x 3 inches – but I have no idea what to do with them. They’re much too beautiful for ordinary writing.

They’re certainly books I want to keep, so perhaps I could fill them with some of my favourite poems or quotations. I’d have to use my best handwriting, of course.

The pages are made of smooth, unlined paper that would be perfect for drawings – or even miniature watercolours – although I don’t think my artistic skills would do them justice.  

An address book? Woe betide anyone who moved or changed their phone number because I wouldn’t want to make any alterations!

A mini travel journal? It would have to be to somewhere very special …

Until I decide, I’ve put them on display on a shelf. They’re too lovely to be shut away in a drawer.

Do you use notebooks? What kind? Do beautiful designer books inspire or inhibit your creativity? 


Jamie said...

My writerly friend uses moleskin notebooks. And a certain brand of pen.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, Linda - too scared to spoil beautiful notebooks with my crossings out. So I keep them for best & they never get used...

Murr Brewster said...

I'll bet you could use them to store really good words. One just for verbs. Sometimes I hear a really good verb and think: I need to use that. If only I had a really pretty notebook to store it in.

Okay, I don't think that often, but I did just now.

Meme said...

Yes I have two Moleskine one large and the other pocket size. I also use regular old spiral notebooks. My favorite pen right now is Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX.

Linda D said...

If only I could be that decisive, Meme!