Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Change of address


Lovely to see you, so pleased you've found your way here, but I confess I haven't been here myself for quite a while. My short blogging break (see previous post) turned out to be a bit longer than I'd planned, mostly because exciting things have been happening in my real world.

Anyway, before you click on 'Next Blog' I just want to tell you that my new Linda's Jottings blog is up and running in its new home and I'd love it if you could call in sometime.

Tea, coffee and cakes are now being served, and if you have a blog don't forget to leave your address so I can return the visit!


Monday, 10 October 2016

Updates and upgrades

What an exasperating exciting time I’ve been having.

Here are just a few of the ups and downs I’ve had to deal with over the past 2 months.

😧 Computer crashed and was sent away for repair.
🙂 Was able to use iPad and borrowed laptop instead.
🤔 Had to learn how to use iPad and laptop.
😧 Camera developed a fault.
🙁 Advised that replacing camera was best option.
😃 New camera more powerful and with more features.
🤔 Had to learn how to use new camera.
🙁 Needed new camera software on computer.
😕 Computer still being repaired.
😃 Repaired computer returned with new hard drive.
 😕 Took 3 days to reinstall software and saved files.
 😬 Computer crashed, sent for repair again.
 🤔 Had a look at new computers.
 😃 Shiny new computer!
 🤔 Had to learn how to use shiny new computer.
 🙂 All set to resume regular blogging.
 😕 Not happy with Blogger changes.
 🙂 Decided to move blog to Weebly.
 🤔 Easier said than done!

I keep telling myself it's good to learn new things, but I could really do with an updated, upgraded brain.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

A different view

I find the most frustrating thing about writing - apart from all the rejections - are those times when I know what I want to say, but can't find exactly the right words to say it. If I'm lucky, the answer will reveal itself after I've scribbled down and crossed out all the 'wrong' sentences  I can think of, but when I'm completely stuck the best thing is to give up and go and do something else.

Walking is good, so is pottering about in the garden, doing a bit of housework, or anything else that gives my conscious mind something to think about while my subconscious works on the writing problem.

Another trick I've discovered is to switch from writing to another art form. Believe me, after struggling to describe a scene in watercolour, painting it with words is a doddle!

 Do you have a favourite activity that helps with your writing?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dear Followers (and anyone else who finds this blog)

Just a quick note to say sorry for the lack of posts recently.
I'm still here, but have had blogging problems.
At the end of June, most of the pictures on my 2 blogs disappeared. It wasn't me - it was Google changing something that affected Blogger. Someone,somewhere was trying to fix it but days, and then weeks, went by and my blogs still looked very strange with blank spaces where the pictures should have been.
I reluctantly decided that the only remedy was to abandon this blog and start a new one elsewhere - when I could find the time!
Then, oh joy! everything was suddenly back to normal. I put 'update blog and catch up with blogging friends' at the top of my to-do list ...
                                               and my computer crashed!
So, while it's away being repaired (at least I hope it can be brought back to life) I'm climbing steep learning curves with an IPad and borrowed laptop.

Normal service will be resumed soon, I hope!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

A little ray of hope

Overheard in the supermarket,

                        Little boy:    Look, Mummy, look!
                        Mum:             Yes, they’re lovely, but I can’t buy one today.
                        Little boy:    But books are GOOD!

I wanted to hug them both when, after a moment’s hesitation, the young mum put a picture book in her trolley.

Amidst all the doom and gloom in the news, it’s good to be reminded that the world hasn’t ended and there is still hope that we can help to make a bright future for younger generations.

* * *

(And because I’m determined to remain cheerful and optimistic, I won’t go into details about the problems I’m having with Blogger removing pictures from my two blogs. If this one or When I am Rich looks strange to you – please believe it’s not my fault!)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I know I said I wouldn’t, but I’ve finally given in and set up a Twitter account. Not sure how much I’ll use it – I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve – but I’ve managed to find some of my blog followers on there and have signed up to follow them (at least I think I have if I clicked on the right buttons!)

If you’re on Twitter and I’ve missed you, do leave your Twitter name in the comments and I’ll follow you.

My Twitter name is @LindaDaunter.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Riddle

Q. What do you call a very heavy cold combined with hay fever and tinnitus?
A.  Writer’s block.

I’ve been struggling with it for ten days now!